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       At Academia Language and Review Center, our students’ safety is our priority. Dormitories would be the best recommendation for students who want to focus on their studies, especially if they are preparing for an examination. Not only that, we listed some advantages having a dorm life:

  • Having company. There are hardly any chances of you being lonely. Friendship starts with your roommate, other dorm mates living down the hall, and classmates in class.
  • Having a simple life. When living in a dorm, there are less responsibilities than in an off-campus apartment. For example, there aren’t monthly bills, cooking meals for yourself, and having a large space to clean.  Except for just paying for your cell phone bill.
  • Having easy access. Students have the ability to sleep later because they don’t have to go through the hassles of dealing with traffic and the difficulty of finding a parking space.
  • Having social skills. When living in a dorm you have to overcome any dreading social skills. You have to overcome any anti-social skills to deal with your roommate or other college students down the hall. These are situations that may help you in the long run with your social life.