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Real-world connections. Cross-cultural understanding.

Summer and Winter Camps

Aside from our strong commitment to raise intercultural awareness, Academia also believes in the philosophy of “learning-by-doing”. We have incorporated this philosophy in our Winter and Summer camps which aim to improve students’ English language skills through an interactive student-oriented approach. In this program, students are given a unique opportunity to apply what they have…
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Do you want to pursue higher education overseas in an English-speaking university yet you do not feel confident with your English skills? Whether you like it or not, you will be obliged to take an English language proficiency test.  Worry no more because help is here! There are two most recognized English language tests in…
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Corporate English

Are you confident or not? Wherever you are right now, it does not matter. Join us if you need to improve your management and communication skills. Our highly-competent instructors and interactive program can guarantee that the prized lessons learned in our center can be applied in your respective profession in no time. Academia Language and…
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General English

Our General English program is intentionally designed to deliver accuracy and fluency in all areas of the English language specifically speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course makes use of the University of Cambridge’s Interchange and Grammar in-Use Series which offers complete English knowledge, especially in honing the student’s verbal skills through fluency, speech accuracy,…
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Foreign Languages

We provide three hands-on and intense levels with each foreign language course. Basic 1 is given to the beginners. It teaches them the fundamentals of the course. This stage allows them to feel the culture and atmosphere of using the language. Basic 2 supplies the gap of the beginners and the intermediate students. This level bridges the latter part…
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