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Real-world connections. Cross-cultural understanding.

“I feel happy because now I can speak and share my opinion. They have a good program in Academia for students.”

Sister Marie Angel Alexandre, 45, Haiti

“After my experience in Academia as a student, I became proud because when I arrived here I didn’t know anything in English but now, I can understand, speak and communicate.”

Sister Mary Therese Watundake, 38, Congo

“When I first came here, a teacher asked me about my favorite movie as part of my speaking exam. I answered, “football”.  But now, I understand that a movie is not a sport and I can tell the difference between them. I can speak and understand other people. I am very glad that Academia has a good program. I will tell other people that if they want to learn English, they can come to Academia Center.”

Sister Patience Bolunda, 37, Congo

“I didn’t have any friends before, but now I have many international friends. I enjoyed my stay here in Academia because I learned  how to speak in English.”

Reina Nakamura, 20, Japan

“The center is aware of what students need. They have their own curriculum and subjects are synchronized accordingly. Practical exercises and speaking activities help me to become a better learner and to build my confidence.”

Asranur Akca, 19, Turkey

“I wasn’t confident in speaking English when I came here but with the help of reliable and dependable teachers, I gained more confidence. If you’re thinking about your future, Academia’s door is open for you where career and degree opinions are concerned.”

Mohammed Khsheba, 17, Libya

“I learn better since it is only you and the teacher. I can conveniently ask for clarification if there is anything I do not understand. Also, we give more focus on my weak skills.”

Alattin Muren, 18, Turkey

“The special feature in Academia is that people with different cultures meet. Students do not just have the opportunity to learn from their teachers, but also from other students.”

Lisa Graul, Bundesagenturfur Arbeit-Kindergeldstelle, Germany

“I studied English in Academia and I had fun! I didn’t feel any pressure because we talked about interesting topics like different culture, history and food. It made my English easy!”

Zhou Pei Yun, China

“I study English because I want to go to many other countries.”

Midori Yokohama, Bukyo University, Japan