You can lodge comfortably in a dwelling full of new experiences at Greenhills’ condominiums and hotels.  Considered as an accessible and convenient place in Metro Manila, Greenhills is surrounded by modern and pleasant apartments and hotels you can choose from. Academia Language and Review Center will assist you in selecting your home here in the Philippines. From reservation until your departure, we will ensure your stay will be cozy and hassle free.

Swire Elan Hotel Swimming Pool

Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern in San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines is truly a destination for remarkable holiday encounters. This accommodation — which is the first to rise in Greenhills — promises any business and leisure tourist a more fulfilling trip to the renowned shopping district in the country’s capital.

Le Gran Condominium – Le Gran Condoninium is located 5 minutes by walking from the Greenhills Shopping Center which hosts a variety of restaurants, shops, movie theaters, and Unimart Supermarket (one of the famous and biggest store in the heart of Greenhills). It is also the site of the famous Greenhills Tiangge, which provides fabulous bargains for pearls and other jewelry, fashion wear, bags and accessories.

Le Gran Condo Hotel



 At Academia Language and Review Center, our students’ safety is our priority. Dormitories would be the best recommendation for students who want to focus on their studies, especially if they are preparing for an examination. Not only that, we listed some advantages having a dorm life:

  • Having company. There are hardly any chances of you being lonely. Friendship starts with your roommate, other dorm mates living down the hall, and classmates in class.
  • Having a simple life. When living in a dorm, there are less responsibilities than in an off-campus apartment. For example, there aren’t monthly bills, cooking meals for yourself, and having a large space to clean.  Except for just paying for your cell phone bill.
  • Having easy access. Students have the ability to sleep later because they don’t have to go through the hassles of dealing with traffic and the difficulty of finding a parking space.
  • Having social skills. When living in a dorm you have to overcome any dreading social skills. You have to overcome any anti-social skills to deal with your roommate or other college students down the hall. These are situations that may help you in the long run with your social life.



Thrilling, full of surprises, convenient and fun 

That’s all about life in Greenhills. Imagine living in a community surrounded by the ease, comfort, affordability and security that anyone needs. In Greenhills, worry has no place. You get what you need, you eat what you want, you shop where you wish, you laugh, you love, you learn, you live peacefully and you may even find your next best friend here. This is the place for modern living and no other place like it. It has over 2,000 stores in a unique indoor and outdoor environment where you can find anything you need. Indeed, Greenhills has a lot to offer.

The Greenhills area in San Juan City has long been reckoned as a residential enclave that provides exclusivity, privacy and spacious comfort within the urban jungle of Metro Manila. With a popular commercial complex and many family-owned businesses in close proximity, as well as highly reputable academic institutions located within the neighborhood, it is a classifiable destination on its own.

Greenhills remains the chosen address of successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. The area is top of mind for people who aspire for a prestigious property of lasting and even increasing value.

With over 2,000 stores in Greenhills, these include restaurants that will keep your stomach full and satisfied. We provided a list of Halal Certified restaurants that will help you in exploring the wonderful Greenhills’ life.