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Are you confident or not? Wherever you are right now, it does not matter. Join us if you need to improve your management and communication skills.

Our highly-competent instructors and interactive program can guarantee that the prized lessons learned in our center can be applied in your respective profession in no time.

Academia Language and Review Center offers a program to anyone who has highly desired to develop his/her ability. The intensive courses that we developed are available for people who want to improve their personal performance and communication skills. The center’s courses can be specifically tailored to your organization’s needs, both in content and duration. The main objective is to integrate training with organizational goal and company-specific topics, principles, documents and activities or a study that affect internal market.

This Program includes two sets of training namely:

1. Skills Training on:

  • General Presentation skills
  • General Telephone skills 
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Business Writing
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Etiquette

2. Language Training on:

  • Grammar for Business
  • Business Vocabulary in Use
  • DIET (Diction, Intonation, Enunciation Training)

What is taking so long? Come and join us and experience personal growth and career development like never before!

Corporate English Team

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