FAQs – Pre-Arrival Facts

Global Language Acquisition is primarily about learning English as a global tool to enable reaching one’s academic, professional, or personal objectives studying the language.

Academia’s vision goes beyond mere foreign language learning. We consider it only as the first step in enriching intercultural interaction in today’s highly-connected world. 

You have two options:

(1) free online assessment exam at our homepage (You may email us.)

(2) placement test (This is made in the center upon application or enrolment.)

Both tests include essential language skills (from grammar, writing, to vocabulary). Placement tests allow our Academic Team to determine your English level so we can place you in a class that suits your age, language and learning levels, and objectives.

Upon assessment of your level, you can apply by either:

(1) Online

We will just need you to fill out our information sheet. Then, you can pay conveniently via online. After that, we will contact you regarding your class schedule.

 (2) Personally

You personally need to fill out our application form at the center.  After accomplishing the facile processes like formal enrollment, assessment and payment of fees,  We can already give you your class schedule.

We guarantee that we can provide more than the necessary assistance if you come outside of the Philippines.

Fees are dependent on your level and objective in studying. We provide tailor-made courses to suit your objectives in studying with us for better academic, professional, or personal goals. Our English levels range from Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, to Advance.

If you wish to pursue further study here or abroad, we are affiliated both locally and internationally with partners in Greenhills, Turkey, and the United States. You can avail of the following:

  • Work and Travel Programs
  • Paid International Internship Programs
  • Professional Career Traineeship Programs

Kindly prepare your passport (with valid Philippine Visa) and inform us on how long you’re going to study in Academia. You may also present any government-issued identification card. In this way, we can help you during your stay.

Then, register either online (Go to Online Application) or personally in our office here in Atlanta Centre, San Juan City.

If you wish to apply personally, we will give you a registration form to fill in. The form contains questions about your personal information, preferred schedule, and if you want stay in our dormitory.

Upon registration, we will inform you about the schedule of your level test.

For other questions, you can always reach us at

academia@academia.edu.ph or +6302 570 89 89.

If you have more questions, please fill the form and submit

Request Information

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