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As time continues to bring us to these ever changing and challenging days of digitalization and globalization, it is an obligation to equip ourselves with powerful tools that will keep us connected to everyone in the world no matter how complicated computer technology and life would become. Language is considered as one of them.  More than your native language, it is high time to invest in learning other foreign languages other than English.

Academia Language and Review Center caters Foreign Language Studies which could lead you to various global possibilities.  Learning with us opens venues for more career opportunities abroad.

We have a portfolio of basic to intermediate language courses including;

  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Mandarin 
  • French 
  • Turkish 
  • Arabic 
  • Spanish

Our Foreign Language Trainers will guarantee that acquiring a new language is definitely exciting and enjoyable! 

Our team has carefully designed learning materials that suit the needs of the students learning a specific foreign language.  We are dedicated to provide excellent learning experience to our learners through our competent teaching techniques and learning resources.

We provide three hands-on and intense levels with each foreign language course. Basic 1 is given to the beginners. It teaches them the fundamentals of the course. This stage allows them to feel the culture and atmosphere of using the language. Basic 2 supplies the gap of the beginners and the intermediate students. This level bridges the latter part of Basic 1 and the introduction to Intermediate level. Intermediate level is the last level wherein students are expected to practice the Macro skills, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  

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