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  • Be a professional with the edge in corporate world through the English language and excel your profession.
  • Academia Language and Review Center offers high-quality language and academic courses to meet a student’s academic, personal, and professional objective with the help of a globally competent faculty
  • The main program offered at Academia is Cambridge Interchange Curriculum enhanced with Grammar in Use series
  • Enrich your knowledge and usage of the English language and improve your reading comprehension, listening and speaking skills
  • The cubicles in each classroom is equipped with computers with internet access.
  • A special software designed by Cambridge is used in each computer to make the lessons interactive and easy to understand.
  • Other classes such as Speaking, Vocabulary building, IELTS, are also available in case the students like to enroll.

The Fine Print

  • You can purchase as many number of classes as you wish
  • For the second month of the classes we offer 10% discount and 15% for the consecutive months
  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 13:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Before and after the classes, the enrollees must take a diagnostic/level test for proper class placement free of charge
  • You can also make a bank deposit. Please email us for the bank details.
  • The books are not included in the payment. Fees for the books will be collected separately after the enrollment.
  • Modules and/or learning materials are a must and are strictly for student use only
  • Foreign students are required to get SSP to attend the classes. The fees for SSP will be collected separately.
  • Non attendance is a ground for the cancellation of the classes and SSP for foreign students.
  • Students who incur absences will not be given make-up or additional classes
  • Other details about the class will be discussed during the orientation

Our General English program is intentionally designed to deliver accuracy and fluency in all areas of the English language specifically speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course makes use of the University of Cambridge’s Interchange and Grammar in-Use Series which offers complete English knowledge, especially in honing the student’s verbal skills through fluency, speech accuracy, and vocabulary building. The program consists of three classes namely:


• 2 class hours daily
• covers listening, conversation, reading and
• writing real-life and practical English settings of lessons


• 2 class hours daily

• includes intensive instruction and review of important grammar rules especially on the parts of speech and sentence construction

• modular lessons with the Interchange class



• 1 class hour daily

• provides speaking exercises using helpful English words and expressions every day

• interactive and creative communication activities among students


To assess the initial English level of every student applying for this course, a placement test is given before the classes begin.

There are also progress tests and practical exercises which are given regularly to evaluate the student’s development. Progress tests are given every week. On the other hand, practical exercises are given from time to time to encourage the students speak and practice English in real-life situations (e.g. interview in shops and inquiry in offices). Furthermore, to promote the learner to the next level of English, another placement test is provided.