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Our General English program is intentionally designed to deliver accuracy and fluency in all areas of the English language specifically speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course makes use of the University of Cambridge’s Interchange and Grammar in-Use Series which offers complete English knowledge, especially in honing the student’s verbal skills through fluency, speech accuracy, and vocabulary building. The program consists of three classes namely:


2 class hours daily
covers listening, conversation, reading and
writing real-life and practical English settings of lessons


2 class hours daily

includes intensive instruction and review of important grammar rules especially on the parts of speech and sentence construction

modular lessons with the Interchange class


1 class hour daily

provides speaking exercises using helpful English words and expressions every day

interactive and creative communication activities among students

To assess the initial English level of every student applying for this course, a placement test is given before the classes begin.

There are also progress tests and practical exercises which are given regularly to evaluate the student’s development. Progress tests are given every week. On the other hand, practical exercises are given from time to time to encourage the students speak and practice English in real-life situations (e.g. interview in shops and inquiry in offices). Furthermore, to promote the learner to the next level of English, another placement test is provided.