Academia Language and Review Center offers various programs thanks to it’s local and international partners. These programs are continuously updated. We have two locations for the classes aside from the online platform where the students for JLPT and TOPIK can take the classes anywhere they want. Below is the list of locations and the programs offered by Academia.


We have the following locations for our programs.

Unit 2404 Atlanta Centre, Annapolis Street,  Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines: This is where the one on one programs are held in our specially designed cubicles. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Fountain International School Annapolis Street,  Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines: The group classes for Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, German, French, Spanish, IELTS, and English Communication on Saturdays are held here.


Academia takes pride in its innovative and state-of-the-art class-ware programs developed by the University of Cambridge, including the Interchange Interactive Whiteboard Software and the Grammar In-use Arcade. This exciting and innovative multimedia teaching tool integrates the traditional book pages with video, interactive on-screen activities, audio, audio scripts, writing areas, and more. Cubicles are equipped with sound-proof acoustic and desktop computer, conducive for one-on-one classes. The following programs are offered in our cubicles located at the premises of Academia.

  • Business English for professionals who especially want to improve their writing and speaking business skills using Cambridge Publications.
  • General English for all ages of students who want to improve their English skills.
  • TOEFL preparatory course for students who want to achieve better in the test.
  • IELTS preparatory course for all the skills or the selected ones where students improvements more.


Academia and Fountain International School are in partnership in providing the following programs on Saturdays using the smart boards in the classrooms of the school. The location of the classes is easy to access for being just a few hundred meters away from EDSA and Santolan-Annapolis MRT Station. The following programs are offered on Saturdays.


Our TESOL program is a 120 hour long divided into practicum, self-study, lessons and research parts. The students can do their practicum at Academia from Monday to Friday if there are students available. The classes are usually scheduled on Saturdays but there might some days where students will be asked to come on a weekday.


We are an institutional sales agent of the service provider of KAPLAN Philippines. The program we offer includes live classes with online materials for self-study and face to face classes. For schools with a minimum of 5 students interested in taking the program, our teachers can do it on their premises. The SAT Testis just a part of a whole preparation for a student to be admitted to a University in the United States. Our international partners help students prepare for other requirements like essay writing and extracurricular activities. We ensure that our enrollees have the most updated test preparation and guidance to achieve their dreams.


Prepare JLPT and TOPIK exams on your own pace at your own convenient time using a computer or your mobile by watching the videos, solving the quizzes and study the lessons prepared by our experienced teachers.