SAT Review Our SAT Test Prep Program (Lab & Kit) consists of 2 months access to the Kaplan Learning Library, and the Kaplan SAT Home Study Kit (electronic book)
 Program Features:
SAT Self-Paced/ Lab & Kit
* 40 hrs of recorded instruction
* 30 hrs of elective live instruction on The SAT Channel
* Live proctoring for up to 8 practice tests
* 8 practice tests, including 4 College Board official practice tests
* Updated online quizzes and Quiz Bank
* Electronic books for the SAT
* Review Fee – Php 17,300.00

SAT Tutorial
* Student should enroll first to the SAT Self-Paced (Lab & Kit)
* Minimum of 6 hours
* 800.00 per hour       
* Review Fee – 4,800.00  
* Once enrolled, students can avail of the tutorial (one-on-one) anytime within their 2 months enrollment period according to their availability and there will be an available instructor for them. They can set their preferred topic according to their weaknesses or if they wanted to be tutored on any of the particular topics on their SAT review program.