Aside from our strong commitment to raise intercultural awareness, Academia also believes in the philosophy of “learning-by-doing”. We have incorporated this philosophy in our Winter and Summer camps which aim to improve students’ English language skills through an interactive student-oriented approach. In this program, students are given a unique opportunity to apply what they have learned, interact with people from other cultures, and gain a deeper understanding of how a common language helps create real world connections. Our winter and summer camps also give students a chance to experience the rich cultural heritage and natural wonder that is unique to the Philippines.

Based on the educational philosophy of learning-by-doing, Academia’s Summer and Winter Camp supports the students in improving their English language skills with an interactive, student-centered approach. In this program, the study of English becomes more exciting and fun through dynamic and creative ways of learning where participants get to interact and practice English in real- life settings thru excursions and immersions. These camps are designed for the participants to get the full benefit of language learning opportunities while enjoying their time in the Philippines.  They get to see the beautiful sceneries of the Philippine countryside and immerse with the local culture.  Winter Camps are from December to February while Summer Camps are from June to September.

Winter and Summer Camps aim to improve students’ English language skills in an interactive and student-oriented approach. The Camps are holistically designed for non-native speakers of English with cultural & communication workshops, practical exercises, and excursions. Winter Camps are from December to February. Summer Camps are from June to September. We offer one-week, two-week, three-week, and four-week camp packages.



•  Accommodation with meals

• Interactive group class (maximum of 6 students)

• Fun and effective practical exercises

• Personalized one-to-one classes

• Fun and exciting afternoon and evening educational activities

• Camp I.D. and uniform

• Certificate and token

Fees cover all accommodation, travel, and educational expenses in the program (e.g. IDs, shirt, token, certificate, etc.).  
Fees are exclusive of airfare expenses to and from the Philippines.

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