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Due to ongoing pandemic, all our classes are conducted online.Please send us a message for our Online English Programs.

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Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, English Communication and IELTS

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Online Classes for English, German, Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Spanish Languages


Watch preparatory videos and solve quizzes for JLPT-4, JLPT-5, TOPIK-1, and German A-1 exams.


Institutional Sales Representative of ICSEC which is a Kaplan Certified Education Provider

partnerships and accreditations

Our English Programs are accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.
Academia is an accredited registration agent of the British Council for the IELTS exam in San Juan. We provide free registration assistance.
We are accredited by Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students and process their visas.
Academia is an institutional sales agent of the service provider of KAPLAN Philippines. We provide college counseling and international trips.